Changing directions

I’m not who I thought I was. I’ve changed. I’ve become a different person. Some people will be OK with that, other people will not like it at all. I don’t care. I plan on being me. You don’t have to love me or even like me. You don’t have to like what I write. This isn’t about you or what you like.

So what’s changed? I find that I’m a bit more political. I’m looking more to the future. I find that lately in our country we just look one or two years ahead. We look only as far as the next presidential election. We don’t have any long-term plans. It’s just become about getting the current administration out and then it will be better. The sad truth is that it won’t be better just because Bush or Obama is out of office. We need vision and we don’t have that any more.

I’ve decided to write about both political things and a vision of the future. Some people will be offended by my views. You may call them utopian. You may call them socialist. But they are just ideas. Without ideas we’ll never move forward. I do not purport to have the right answers. I don’t think that any one person has the right answer. We are a nation made up of citizens who are people. The answer will be found when people come together as a group to solve the problems that plague our nation, society, and world.

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