Alone with My Purpose

We are not alone. We are never truly alone. What we do affects others. What we do causes ripples. What we do may be a small thing but it can spread. One small gesture can spark hope in someone. One small gesture of defiance can start a wave of change.

We are not small and insignificant. Not really. We are not too small. A grain of sand may seem insignificant until it is in your eye then it becomes very significant. Where is our significance? Are we looking for a single big even in our lives to make us significant? I think we shouldn’t. I think we are significant every day of our lives.

Yesterday I was significant in loading furniture at my neighbors garage sale. I was significant taking down the bulletin board at school. I was significant when I delivered boxes to the teachers. I was significant when I was empathetic and comforted a friend with legal issues. Did any of these require significant effort on my part? No.

We all have a purpose in this world. We have took past the everyday bills, jobs, school activities to try to see that purpose. What is the purpose? Perhaps we look too far when we try to find the next big invention as our purpose. Not to say that inventing isn’t your purpose. If you think your purpose is inventing and it is what you are driven to do, then it is your purpose. However, if a lofty goal or purpose overwhelms you and leaves you immobilized, then it’s probably not the right goal. Something is trying to tell you that you’re heading in the wrong direction. Maybe not heading, since you’re immobilized, more like pointing in the wrong direction.

So who am I to talk? I haven’t found my purpose yet. Maybe it’s to make waves. Whatever that big goal is, I have yet to find it.

©  2013 Nancy Sparks


We all need to feel more. We’ve stopped feeling because it’s become wrong and broken to feel bad. So we’ve pushed those emotions down. No wonder we have people suddenly exploding with blind rage.

Just feel. 
Feel the world around us. 
Feel the pain. 
Let it hurt and then find the way around. 

Feel the dark. 
Let it it in.
Find it's root and dig it out.
Just feel.
Just feel the pain.
Feel the happiness.
Feel the fear.
Feel the nerves.
Feel alive.

Be the rage.
Be the joy.
It's all a part of us.
Just feel

© 2013 Nancy Sparks